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32* freeflow autococker F/S/T

Today I have a green 32* autococker milled by freeflow. It has freeflow internals and pneumatics except for the ans 2-way. It has a belsales bolt and I believe it is a belsales pin as well but im not sure about that. Barrel not included

Looking for SOLD!

Trade of interest are:
old timmies
old ego's
offer others

there is light flaking on the ram, the rest of the pneus are clean. There is some wear on the back of the body and front of the backblock from them slapping together and a few scratches on the body (pictured)

Jackal RDL, Works autocoker, Dragon Timmy, Dye dm3 F/S/T

WTB Eclipse F1 cocker or any undrilled eclipse bodies

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