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50 sets in...

New design...

Bolts and tail insert are anodized.

Newest design does not require any threaded components, and has integrated chamber devolumizing. The firing piston has also been redesigned with one of the seals being stationary instead of 2 seals on the tail - this allows the supply air to provide a holding force when the piston is retracting to prevent the possibility of the piston bumping forward after retracting, as well as helping it to open faster. Another advantage to the new style is that there is an optional installation that lets you hide the complete assembly inside a stock Ion body with no tubing showing outside. Requires a permanent modification to the firing can to do this, as well as shortening the piece of the kit that fits into the tail of the can and putting a groove into the donut, but allows for a 100% hidden setup. All of these modifications are able to be done with a dremel tool and a 10-32 tap to deepen the threads for the rear air fitting.

Operates at ~190psi, obviously varying quite a bit depending on paint and barrel. Efficiency also varies with paint and barrel - expect 1,600 - 2,000 shots per tank depending on those factors at ~300FPS (I get ~1,800 with the paint I get locally in a bore matched barrel - smallest I have - shooting 295-300FPS - efficiency is exponentially related to velocity - 270 could give you ~2,200).

I have fittings for 4 of them right now, will have fittings for the remainder of the 50 next week.

Price is still $75 shipped and paypal'd. Includes conversion components seen, as well as all fittings needed, new tubing, and a set of replacement seals.

For customers that have purchased a mechanical conversion kit from Deathwish_DW and myself, price is $65 shipped (make sure to let me know before paying via PM). If you want a mechanical conversion for these and do not yet have one, let me know before hand, and I can coordinate with Deathwish so you can pay all at once (he has all of the stock of the mech kits for shipping). Overseas/international shipping is not a problem, PM me for requests.

I have a backlog of requests in my email for these as well, I will be contacting everybody that has requested information on when they were available, but it will take me a few days to wade through the PMs. Feel free to shoot over a fresh one even if you know that you had sent one previously.
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