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Working on a Novel

Taking a small break from reading to go back and edit a novel I started years back. I first started writing this on a deployment in the Navy.

Crux of Scales

A fantasy sword and sorcery tale of redemption, exploration and adventure.

A mercenary seeking redemption.
A minstrel with a secret.
A mercenary band of outcasts with a special mission.
A wizard with a dark legacy and a darker destiny
All mortals . . . and pawns in a game of gods.

It starts off with fairly standard sword and sorcery fair, but develops from there. I tried to focus on character building as much as world building. It does still have a few small kinks and needs a bit more polishing. It's definitely a work in progress and feedback is very welcome (either here or on Goodreads). This is the first of 7 parts. All told i think its around 400 pages (it was a very boring deployment)


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