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Just got home from the tech class. You want details? I got details.

First of all, sorry guys, but they're saying two months 'til release.

Alrighty, so...shooting; it shoots AWESOME. Very crisp trigger, and very fast. i have a video showing how short the pull is. I'll post that in a couple of hours.
The trigger is air-returned. There is a return spring in the frame, but it can be removed to get down to a 1-lb pull if you so wish.
Efficiency is 1200- shots on a 20-ounce. They didn't specify on HPA. But the dump chamber DOES seal when the bolt is forward, so it should be very good.
I'll be playing with it all day on Saturday, so I'll have a full on-field review after that. Right now, just suffice it to say that it's much faster, smoother, quieter, and all around netter than any $130 gun deserves to be. GoG knocked this one out of the park.
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