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GoG eNMEy - First Look

I got home from World Cup about an hour ago, and that time's been spent fully tearing down and taking pics of my new eNMEy. So I think I'm ready to offer some insight and details into it now.

GoG had a shooting booth set up next to their tent, and anyone could just walk in there and give it a shot. Short version...this thing shoots super sweet. It's very smooth, insanely quiet, and I had no idea that a trigger pull this short is even possible on a mech. Oh, and paired with a Spire, the black/white model looks pretty awesome.

The tech class was more of a focus group/overview of the gun than an actual tech class. Some of the key points:

- 190psi operating pressure
- standard bolt-out-back capabilities, and shares bolt compatibility with the Ion/eNVy/SP1
- there's a spring in the trigger frame that you can adjust to make your trigger as heavy/light as you like; remove it altogether for a 1-lb trigger pull
- the dump chamber seals when the bolt is forward; paired with the low operating pressure, efficiency should be very good
- 1,200+ shots on a 20-ounce CO2 tank
- they didn't specify an efficiency for HPA, but I got home and shot over a hopper off of a tank that had less than 700psi in it
- same low-force bolt as the eNVy; I fired it with my finger in the breech and it stopped the bolt without the slightest bit of pain...still not brave enough to try it with my tongue
- the body is milled for eyes, so if you upgrade to the Blackheart later (straight drop-in upgrade), it's all ready to go
- nice squishy and comfy soft wraparound grips

My opinion on it at this point is that it's very light and comfortable, has a shockingly short trigger pull, and shoots smoother/quieter than any other mech I've ever handled. With the compactness and comfort, along with the simple maintenance, this stands to be a big hit...and will be huge in rental fleets.

Now, I know most of you are here for the here they are:

Simple cross-bolt safety:

Frame opened up. Note the spring for weight adjustment. The frame is composite, so it has the threaded nuts for bottomline mounting.

Sure does look awful familiar...

The inner guts:

And, lastly, here's mine set up with a CP on/off and my Deadlwind Fibur barrel (best barrel EVER*)

Here's a short video showing how short the trigger pull is:

NOTE: Hans said release isn't expected for about another two months. Sorry, all you guys who expected your preorders to ship next week immediately after Cup.

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