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PistolRogue, sorry, but I haven't. I tried to convert my Ion, but the CP trigger I had in it wouldn't let the valve fit low enough into the frame for the hoses to fit. When I rigged it up just to check function, with the two halves of the body apart, I got it to work well enough that I feel confident in saying that they're very similar, but the eNMEy feels a bit...umm...quicker(?), I guess. It's hard to describe.
BUT, functionally, the 3-way here is different. It's a press-seal that just lifts up and down off the opening, instead of having a rod moving inside a body. They claim that that will prevent wear on the seal and, even bigger deal, there's only one seal in the whole thing. With one seal, and that seal not rubbing against anything, it should last pretty much forever. If it doesn't, though, it's double-sided; you can flip it over and keep going, rather than being dead in the water 'til you get a new one.
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