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Originally Posted by Luckless View Post
Maybe it has two states? A semi-dormant state with very slow growth cycle that allows it to hide from the immune system so that it cannot become overwhelmed by a living, active response. Spreads out, colonizes, but otherwise keeps a low profile so as not to trigger a response. Second stage, after it detects the host dying, activates it and kicks things into over drive. Replicating itself enough to over power the now limited defence response, because everything becomes localized. Replaces parts of the tissue, and the parasite then controls the host?

That way, if you contracted the dormant strain while alive, it stays dormant. But get bit by a carrier of the active strain? Well, it is already kicked into high gear and also kicks whatever you already have into high gear as well.

Any other theories on what direction the writers will take?
The biting or scratching doesn't turn a human. It just accelerates death, which then brings about zombiehood.
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