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I've been using a kata bumblebee ul-222 for a few months now and I really like the bag so far. I have my grip'd 7D with a 70-200 f2.8 in the main camera compartment. A 50mm prime, a 28-138mm, and a 14mm lens to the right, and a second body(usually my film SLR) with some lenses for that camera and/or my speedlights. Either way, it will hold two bodies and several lenses.

On the side you can stick a tripod. This would be handy if you had a light tripod, but my manfrotto is way to heavy to carry in this thing. I use that feature for carrying a flash stand or a monopod(usually a monopod for video).

On the top is a modest compartment that I use for the carryall. It comfortably holds my wallet, phone, keys, ID's, sunglasses, and I usually put my computer power cord in there. Haven't really found much use other than that. The cool thing is, however, that you can take all the camera gear out and unzip the entire camera portion out of the bag and have one huge backpack if you wanted to for whatever reason.

It has a very nice laptop portion. I carry my 13" MacBook Pro around with lots of room to spare. I tried my old Dell laptop, a 19", and it fit snugly. I have carried textbooks in here before. I can easily fit two thin books or a large textbook easily. It's very tall, so it can hold a lot of stuff, it's just thin.

Since the inside of the backpack is yellow, it's really, really easy to find stuff too. I used to lose lens caps and batteries all the time. I haven't really had an issue with that here. The camera compartment also has a see-through, weather-proof so you can see stuff without actually opening it. GREAT for outdoors, pretty much what this bag was made for.

The big feature of this bag is the weight. It's LIGHT. Everything is super strong, but super lightweight. I've carried this bag around trade shows fully loaded for 9 hours at a time without having an issue with the weight.

OK, enough with the commercial. Overall I have found myself very happy with the bag. For $210 that I paid for it, I've been very happy. Something to consider.

Edit: One thing that I didn't point out, that was a big factor for me, was the frame. This backpack has an aluminum frame on it. If you wear this for a long time, you won't have a sweaty back from wearing the bag. There is a good 3/4 inch between your back and the back of the bag due to the frame. Doesn't add much weight either.

They also offer it in black, which is what I have.

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