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Originally Posted by Whee McGee View Post
Hey guys, I'm looking to get into motorcycles, and figured I could come to you guys for advice. I've already begun looking for Motorcycle Safety Classes to take, but I wanted to start getting an idea of what I should look for in a motorcycle. I'm an even 6' and hover around 220 lbs. Are there any considerations I have to take when it comes to picking a bike? I was planning on used, and I'm looking for something along the lines of a cruiser or street bike. Ideas?
Personally, as my father said get a **** bike that you won't be afraid to throw against a tree. I did this and I'm having every bit of fun learning the ins and outs of this bike and not having to worry about if I lay it down.

My recommendation so that you can go off and on road to practice would be an enduro. You will learn a lot riding one especially off road and slippery surfaces on road. I had an experience several times today where I locked up the rear tire and skidded just to get the feel for it. Riding through the sand and dirt and knowing what to do and how to handle the bike will also teach you a lot about recovery.

This however is all personally what my father has told me.

Warning - an enduro will tend to turn you into a hooligan and you will want to go on sidewalks and up/down stairs.

Mine is tall enough for me at 6'2" - 6'4" at 235 pounds approximately.
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