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Autococker Pump Parts, Slider Frame,...

1 - You pay, I ship period.
2 - Post here first then PM me.
3 - You pay shipping.
4 - I don't ship international. (to big of a hassle.)

Here is a couple Autococker part and misc gear I have lying around.

CCM Pump Handle: $25

Check It Deluxe Pump Handle: $20

CCM On/Off ASA & Drop: $35

Dust Black Benchmark Slider w/internals. Some wear: SOLD

Chrome/Nickel Slider no internals. Plating is peeling in multiple spots. $25 shipped

CP Flame Drop w/CP On/Off ASA Chrome: $30

CCM No Pro Feedneck Dust Black: $20

Hybrid Hedloc clamping feedneck Autococker: $20

Autococker Bolt Pin: $7

Stock ETEK 3 Ram: $25

Dye Multi Tool Kit: $20

HK Army Barrel Sleeve: $5 each

Check It Winchester Pocket Hopper Adapter SOLD & CP Thread saver $5 each

14" Dye Ultralight Front Gold (some wear): $25 Shipped

Hybrid rail: $10

Dye Rotor Quick Feed White, Orange, Green. (Orange looks like it was glued. white & green good condition) $12 each or $30 for all 3.


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