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I just did a build with the internal hoses, I will try and get pictures of the modifications later.

But until then: The hexed portion of the firing can (behind the retaining ring for the donut) needs to be chopped off, and a groove cut into one of the sides of the donut next to the fitting that goes into it (side depends on routing preference, I cut both sides of the one I did because I wasn't sure which would work better. The longer slender black piece needs to be put into the firing can, and the new length of the tail marked on it - anything from that point back get cut off. Depending on where you cut, the threads for the air fitting in the black piece (10-32) may need to be chased a little bit deeper. A bit of plastic is removed from the underside of the exoskeleton to let the new tubing be routed to the back.

I need to get a few more exoskeletons because the only ones I have left have been cut for the earlier version which required significantly more material removal than the new kits. When it comes in, I will get pictures of an external installation as well.
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