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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Smart! simple design, stick a few of these in the 12 gram holding spots on your SC belt and good to go
Yeah thats the general idea. i dont think they would fit in a 12gr spot unless it was stretchy, but it should fit in a tube spot!

Originally Posted by crazyorigin View Post
Could you make them .800 or a little under? This way they would fit into a 12ga shell holder. Something like .785 would be great but i would turn the area around the entrance/exit thicker for strength. I would like to make a side saddle rig for my SR1 and these would be perfect in one. I may buy 5 if i can get them in those type of dimensions. Something like this would let me go pretty much harness free which i love. Any type of a deal on buying multiples? What is the OAL?
I could make you some special ones at .80 but they are going to be only .025 wall thickness. they are probably going to be pretty easy to bend. .785 probably isnt going to happen thats down in the tinfoil range. i doubt i can even turn the tube that thin without shredding it. ill take a quick whack at it mobay morning.

These are going to be pretty small numbers, even smaller since you want specials. not much i can do on price for small numbers. Shipping gets cheaper per unit though. i can ship a lot in a small box.

Oal will be around 5". ill know more when i make a real one vs a rester to check the outlet. the test held 6 but had very little space for a spring or plunger, i just wanted to see if they would feed pointing up.

Ill move this to the dealers forum later on and make an prder form. sounds like its a go!
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