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Originally Posted by Lead-Foot View Post
My sweaty clothes are still in my bag from our last game.
How do you avoid mildew doing this? This is the kind of situation where you would specifically want to wash them as soon as possible upon arriving home.

Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
My guns are all being neglected, it's been so long since I got to play they're all developing small mystery leaks. Even the S6 (though it prob just needs a drop of oil in the ASA)
Besides an Automag, I really don't buy into the oil in asa deal...especially with a poppet. You want the poppet surface clean of debris and lubricant.

I took 6ish months off without airing anything up to no ill effect. Just bite the bullet and break down/lube it all properly. At least do it with the precious S6.
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