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Originally Posted by Kermit View Post
I used to carry a crap-ton of gear, until I realized I hardly use most of it.

I have a trunk locker in the back of my suv, chained down, that I keep my camera gear in. Two locks with different combinations the car is locked. I have no remorse leaving gear in my car and taking my kata bag out with me. Might be something to consider.
The thing is, I actually use most of the gear I tote. I also don't trust anything left in my car or truck in Atlanta. Place is crawling with scum.

Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
Hmm, what about using two bags? That's what I usually do when I have to take a bunch of gear to the field on foot/transit (which is very often in the last year).
Right now I do take two and there is no convienant way to carry them both.

Originally Posted by twiitch View Post
Ive been searching for something similar, jsut not quite as big as you guys sem to be looking for. I just want enough for 1 body w/ lens, a few lenses and a flash or two. WITH the laptop slot. thats the killer, I want my mini lowepro but with a laptop slot.

I like the look of the Kata there, but that seems like just too much/too big
I would say look at at bigger bag now rather than get what will just fit your needs. Right now I have three bags depending on what I'm doing bit could use a fourth, larger bag.
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