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So, three options that I can see to explain how the infection works:

1. Two key life stages to the bug: Dormant until it detects the host is no longer in a shape that allows it to defend itself, where it rapidly multiplies and takes control. When bit you get a dose of fully active bug that reinforces the existing stuff, killing you, and letting it take over. (Explains why you can be infected, have it not kill you, and still turn when you die.)

2. Whatever the bug is remains mostly dormant till you're dead. After which it happily takes over your body that can no longer effectively fight back. Since your body can no longer effectively fight back against the bug, or any other bug, it also becomes a breeding ground for more general everyday stuff. The general every day stuff is then what kills you with infection after you get bit.

3. The writers haven't actually thought of this, and are simply talking out their collective backsides. Being a writer myself, and knowing a number of writers, I feel strongly that this may be the case.
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