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the starting poo is a problematic, formerly rental automag i got off ebay long ago:

it is stock except for a smart mag rental valve, which has seen better days.

the twist-lock barrel didn't fare any better. someone decided to twist it before it was fully inserted, and left it stuck that way until i disassembled the whole gun. you can clearly see the twist lock scar:

the inside of the barrel is no better:

the main body is fine, but the body rail was very beat up with the vertical adapter stuck on it for good. the grip frame functions fine besides the safety which was rusted stuck. other than that the grip frame has rental etchings to identify itself, which is purely cosmetic:

the valve is a different matter:

the velocity spring pack is a MESS. at least everything else inside looks clean. rebuilding regardless may be a good idea.

for this project i am also recruiting another poo from my pile. besides a nice matching rifled barrel, it has the added advantage of replacing the body rail so the stuck vertical adapter problem is gone altogether. this damaged ptp micromag body was originally someone's ion mag project. i bought it with an x-valve, an ion frame attached to the body via a plate, as well as matching barrel and foregrip. obviously the partially disassembled sear came with the body as well, but i am just going to use the complete sear from the rental. i have since transferred the x-valve to my own mag, and the body has been sitting in the poo pile ever since, with me having no clue what to do with it, until now.

the damage is on the feedneck. it is slightly crushed and no longer circular enough to fit any of my hoppers.

before modifying anything, i decided to clean everything. this is the halfway pic of the rental spring pack being cleaned.

after a little research, it appears the rental spring pack has deliberately limited fps, so i ordered a replacement stock spring pack. however, i decided to stay with the rental spring pack after cleaning it to avoid adding the spring pack's price to the tab, because this is a limited budget build and because it looked good as new after cleaning:

after a little cleaning, the rust on the grip frame safety was removed and it worked fine. as for the main spring, i got all the gunk off only to see that the surface itself is black. the rental package came with a parts kit which i was using to rebuild the inside anyway, so i decided to also use its main spring. old one is out. result:

the air fitting is stuck. i cleaned it as neatly as possible but it won't move, so i have to plan the project around this somehow.

the valve itself also has rental identification etched onto its body. also note the velocity thumb wheel which i bought used off bacci in person. i didn't really need it, but i was buying a mag sear from him for my other mag anyway, and i anticipated staying at the chrono station for a little while, so i could use the convenience. $5 according to his website.

<<<money spent
velocity thumb wheel $5

with the gun squeaky clean, modification is next in line. keep in mind this is HARD MODE ,where the equipment used to make custom parts factor into the total cost, so before beginning, i decided it would be wise to choose and adhere to a single power too as best as possible in order to keep the cost of this project to a minimum. it wasn't long before i decided upon the rotary tool, one of the most versatile power tools around. i already own one, which means i should check the going price of one in order to keep it fair. there was one for sale at a local hardware store for less than ten bucks, but i opted for more reasonable prices, and a quick search online reveals that the off-brand dremel copies are usually $30.

<<<money spent
velocity thumb wheel $5
dremel $30

the first order of modification is getting some ideas. the ptp micromag body can't use a hopper because the feedneck is warped. i could try to bend it back into shape, but i also happen to have a spare magazine for one of my 32 degrees delta 68 pistols, which mounts onto a specially milled dovetail rail atop the gun. the micromag body also happens to have a dovetail rail on its top face, so the idea came that maybe i can mimic the milling from the pistol rail onto the micromag rail, so that the micromag body can accommodate those magazines.

going that route would mean the feedneck is in the way altogether, and upon closer inspection it appears to be a separate piece of metal from the rest of the body. looking up the product online revealed that there are two types of micromag bodies: those with threaded feednecks and those with pressed-fit feednecks. another look at my own micromag body suggested mine was pressed fit, so the next problem would be its removal. based on posts online from others who have tried to remove the feed necks, the process requires a special tool. i am not a fan of that idea because this is, once again, a limited budget build. a final decision was made to outright cut the feedneck.

i was initially against cutting the feedneck because the surface would not be as clean as a completely removed feedneck, but at that point the choice was obvious, it was the easiest and cheapest route, especially since i already have the dremel. still, it took quite a few cutoff discs before the feedneck was completely cut off.

on the delta pistol, overhangs were milled into the dovetail rail to hook onto pins on the magazine. however, the magazine has 3 pins, making the entire setup too long on the forward side to fit onto the micromag dovetail rail. if you don't understand, there will be pictures later. anyway, to remedy this, the magazine was modified to only use 2 pins. the locking mechanism of the outer pin was replicated on the middle pin to shorten the length of rail required for securely anchoring the magazine. i can imagine the original design would be more secure due to better leverage, but working with the limited length of rail forward of the micromag body feedneck does not leave another choice. sadly, another problem occurred with this change to the magazine: the small springs for the anchoring mechanism, which resided on one side of the middle pin, now has to reside on the other side, directly below the paintball exit. they were tiny springs but were just wide enough to prevent paintballs from going through.

and so i made a trip to the hardware store. the original tiny springs were compression springs, and i purchased extension springs of matching size. they were 0.89 each and i needed a pair.

<<<money spent
velocity thumb wheel $5
dremel $30
2 springs $1.92

the ends of the springs were round, but for my customization they needed to have one end rectangular, so pliers were used to bend them into shape. because this is HARD MODE , and because the pliers were just used to modify a part, they now have to factor into the cost. like the dremel, i already own the pliers, and so the current price was looked up, and i could buy a cheap pair locally for under $3, so let's just say $3 to keep the math generous.

<<<money spent
velocity thumb wheel $5
dremel $30
2 springs $1.92
pliers $3

below you can see the disassembled anchoring mechanism. the magazine is in the background, the locking pin to the left, stock springs in the middle, uncustomized new spring upper right and customized spring bottom right.

once all the parts are present and ready, the locking pin was inserted into the magazine, threading through the springs; the springs were then hooked to the end of their housing.

now, instead of springs on one side below the paintballs pushing the pin to the locking position, there are springs on the other side out of the way of the paintballs pulling the pin to the locking position, and it was true, and it was good. as an added bonus: the magazine is relatively unmodified enough so that it can still be reverted back to be used on the original delta 68 pistol. the original springs can be reused for this purpose and all i would need is a new pin to go into the lengthened pin slot.

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