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and the gun is now truly complete:

close up of the hose arrangement. after the hot desert day, the new length of macroline has yet to fail. so far it's been working superbly well.

the 2 components i bought right before the first testing: the 12 gram changer and the velocity thumb wheel:

you can see in the picture below, the raw and threaded screw hole drilled and threaded by the previous owner who was using this mag body to build an ion mag. it just sits open now, a remnant of its unpolished poo days.

size comparison of the completed mag pistol with TSM with the 32 degrees delta 68 pistol, both aligned at the breech. the mag pistol takes up significantly larger room compared to the delta 68, which anyone who has used one would tell you is already a huge pistol compared to others.

and the same arrangement from another angle, this one showing the extra length both ways on the mag pistol.

lastly and most importantly, the objective of having gangnam style on a paintball field was successfully realized!

pro tip: if you play the soviet union national anthem it becomes a propaganda module...

by the way, remember to vote...

final cost tally:
<<<money spent
velocity thumb wheel $5
dremel $30
2 springs $1.92
pliers $3
12 gram changer $12
sandpaper $2
ihome speaker $22.62
brass bars $3
screw $0.12
quick release bar clamp $2.14
cord wrap $6.45
duct tape $2
wires $2
extreme mounting tape $7.51

total: $99.76

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