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mo brass poo

alright, i'll fling my poo in too.

frame: bought from hurtcow almost a year ago, stripped the body but the frame's been growing stinkier in the corner waiting this project
body: random pgp body from 'project brass' drawer
brass: leftovers from both a nasty hurricane clone project and a lever build
pneumatics: cocker lpr from who-knows-where (yet nib) plus hoses/barbs/qev 'donated' by my k-phoon
skulls: pewter 'donated' by repurposed warhammer 40k mini's

process: stripped paint off frame, replaced o-rings on plate and switch rod, polished. cleaned up old pgp donor body, cut, milled, and soldered brass. spun bolt, springfeed follower, lpr mount, and ram mount on lathe. cast skully bits. ported valve, assembled, and timed (wow, it sounds easier than it was!). approx. 30-35 hours invested, using mostly leftovers set aside for the project over the last two and a half years (i did have to make a last-minute trip to lowes for brass 4-40 screws to hold skullplugs and 'borrow' 5 003 o-rings from nobody, thanks!).

before (well, trigger frame at least, ignore time/date stamp):


Chaotic Creations Ltd. ---currently buried in work!

looking for: aga62's, working spyder rocker trigger frames, working ATS lowers and parts, brass sheridan donors/bits, camo SP wood grips for cf frames, havoc launcher, high output 4.5k regs

happy with me?
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