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so far vault hunter mod i like but some areas or quest if your not geared or skilled right good luck in doing quest. one i had issue with. is quest where sent to turns bugs in to mutant and for some dam reason Mordecai like to take out pods that i try turn in to mutant bug or one infected. also there not easy to kill since all most like kill a badass monster or people they made hard in vault hunter mode. just can not wait till i get bunker quest since that going to hell of fight. just hope i get to level 47 at least or 48. i am now level 44 now. also have another question why did Lynchwood and Caustic Caverns open all ready. i just did quest to where Sanctuary where you have to save it from being destroy from orbital attack form jack. since i am level 44 went there to farm for better weapons shields and gear.

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