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McCann Gear, Molle Gear, McCann Molle Gear! Also Phantom ASA and stuff.

Finally clearing out all of my gear. All prices include shipping to the US, Canada will be a bit more depending on the size of the box. I'll discount for multiple purchases.

Trades: Phantom angled ASA adapter, black Magpul MBUS sights

McCann Waist Harness #1 - $42
My most-used harness, with some paint stains to match! Left side is molle, right side holds tubes. This is a first-gen (almost prototype) version of the harness and doesn't have the horizontal straps that later one does (below). Everything works as it should, no loops stretched out, no rips or tears, etc.

McCann Waist Harness #2 - $65 (SOLD)
Used once, very light paint markings. I finally formulated my heavy and light rigs (vest with twin Fast 10's and a dump pouch, bandolier with a dump pouch) which, unfortunately, left this guy in the cold. Warm him up, won't you? This is a later-gen harness with the connecting (stretchy!) straps. I reversed them here but obviously it's a three-second fix if you want the buckle in front again.

McCann Molle 50-Round Pod Holders - $32
Three 50 round pod holders in digi-green, with molle backs and plastic straps (Alice? Malice? Whatever, they work). Some paint staining on these too - I need to stop humping bunkers, it seems. I can throw in a web belt if you need one, just ask.

Pods: Two APP 50-rounds, one modded GXG one with a Phantom feedgate affixed to the top. $6 with the McCann pouches, $14 without.

NCStar Tactical Rifle Scabbard - $20 (SOLD)
Very adjustable, designed to be carried by the handle, over the shoulder, or fixed to a carrier.

Condor Communications Pouch (OD) - $6
Good shape overall. Fun fact: fits a Tippmann Big Boy grenade.

FrankyB Headband - $6
Brand new, black. Just not my style.

Phantom ASA - $16
Gloss back, mounted once, macro fitting included!

Empire Trracer Bolt - $8

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