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Doc/Chad: We narrowed down the list of suspects a bit.
Axel: We are are working on that as we speak

I just updated the above posted list
(found some stashed away in another conex, yahoo).

What really hurts my heart is the 'unobtainium' older stuff that is worthless on the field to play with (and was in NIB condition). Maybe worth $60 on ebay.

Once the perps discover that they are unique and worthless in the marketplace...chances are they will dispose of them (Ugh!).

I have talked with reformed thieves to get into the mindset, very disturbing but enlightening. Bottom line: I was a target of opportunity. They really didn't know what to take. (yes, one of the crew did play paintball at TAG to guide them a little) but hap hazard.

I feel myself turning into 'that crotchety old man' that trust no one now. I see myself suspecting everyone. Bummer.

Today is another day and I am starting the rebuilding process all over again.

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