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Paint sweating?

Hey guys,
I've searched and have'nt really found any old threads dealing with this so I thought I'd ask here.

I was wondering if you guys could explain paintballs sweating. What actually causes them to sweat out the fill color? What does this mean for the paintballs and is there anyway to stop it? Is it caused by improper storage?

I've been shooting the local fields RPS Premium lately, and it's been really bad. Sweating out a whole lot into the bags. I've had paint that left some small fill colored sweat/oil spots in bags before, but these were sweating so bad that the bags looked like they had multiple breaks in them. No breaks though, just sweating. I toweled them off, and they shot okay, but the paint that was toweled off and not shot imediately would eventually sweat a little more. All of the bags of paint were like this in every case. Not sure if maybe RPS Premium has just been bad lately, or if it's the way this particular paint has been stored or just chance?

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