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PSP is orange.

i've had 2 teammates this season have to ducttape over their cleats and lanyard

i know for a fact our psp affliliate is orange, he had to duct tape his cleats and it was monsooning and muddy 2 weeks ago.... no traction haha

NPPL is yellow

a buddy bought raza gloves, they have this highlighter yellow/light gold accents on them
the ref tried to bring up a fuss about it, but as long as the manufacturer doesnt call it "yellow" your fine

we wore valken in 2011, and their crusade or redemption pants (dont remember which) have dark/dust gold accents on them, and we had to verify they were ok, and the league said, "what color does the manufacturer call them?"

your jerseys look fine, unless you have "something that can be mistaken for a paintball break" i dont see any splatter effects
i would tell the guy on the far right to lose the orange stickers on his hopper.....
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