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Kwik175's Shockwave Build

Well the title is wrong since all I did was fund this project. The real builder of this gun was of course Loguzzzzzzz. I went to him with an idea and thru much talent and time it came to be. First The Z frame went to Luke for milling and grips. Then off to California for John to work his magic.We decided to go with a UTB and electronic noid to avoid the LPR. All of this was being done while XMT completed the Shockwave bodies. Shockwave done and shipped to Loguzzzz. Next came Bazooka Boy providing anno, in Oregon. Somewhere along the line I started talking to Maghog and he blessed my gun with one of his amazing triggers, shipped from Germany. Back from Bazooka for final assembly and testing at Loguzzzzz. Its been a long year and 3 months since this started and with alot of help from all over this country and other parts of our world her she is:

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