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Thank you everybody. I found this whole thread very useful, and I like the way it was boiled down by Dr. PhunkyPants:

Originally Posted by Dr. PhunkyPants View Post
So I see your options as:

1. Get a real CCM, use it, love it, and/or sell it someday for about what you paid
2. Get a used sniper with a LOT of CCM stuff on it already, probably pay a little more over the months/years as you get it fine tuned to your liking, and hope that someday you'll get out of it what you bought it for (not including the upgrades)
I would add:
3. Chilax and keep enjoying my phantom setup. I have never shot a CCM, and I don't know what I am missing.

I am going to put a CCM on my wish list because it seems really hard to judge the relative quality of different custom CCMed sniper setups.
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