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My "Precious" Pile of Poo Build

Started out as a ole sheridan pistol, work fine, just a lil ugly.

Attachment 35958

I removed the stock barrel and added a small bore .680
stainless steel barrel wrapped in a brass sleeve.
Added a springfed side tube and made it a flat top.

Attachment 35959

Added spiral porting to tip of barrel

Attachment 35960

Next made a pirate stock out of some reclaimed honduras mahogany.
(was a 2x4)

Attachment 35961
Attachment 35962
Attachment 35963

Used a stock trigger frame for the trigger group.
Modified it and used a angel trigger

Attachment 35964

Mounted base in stock with trigger group.
Made a new bolt and started putting the little things on
Decided to run the pump rod in the quick strip notch
to eliminate pump rod twist.

Attachment 35965

Added a stainless steel tube and made it a interior slide
with spring loaded return, also added a stainless steel
tip to the horizontal spring feed.

Attachment 35966

Made the rest of the small pieces, a asa adaptor block, trigger guard and what not..


Attachment 35967
Attachment 35968

These next pictures show "precious" (named by new owner) on his presentation board that I made to present him to his new owner at
the WWZ game in aug (Colorado).
Sadly he was not able to come to the game due to health reasons
but the wife and I did get to drive to his house and meet him and his
awesome wife. I think I have a picture of me giving this away and the smile on both our faces. I will try to find and add it.

Attachment 35969
Attachment 35970

Total Costs: 71.50

stainless steel @ 25.00
brass tube @ 15.00
delrin @ 5.00
fittings @ 10.00
trigger @ 1.00
spring material @ .50
powder coat @ 5.00
solder and flux @ 10.00
other material used: reclaimed mahogany for stock
and aluminum block I had sitting around

Hope you enjoy "Precious" as it was a joy to build.

Note: All this was completed with a chop saw, hand drill,
dremmel (90%), files, sandpaper and polish. Any one with the desire
could make one just as I have here easily for under
100.00. ( a friend has a mini-lathe that I use to make the bolts -
it will barely cut the delrin - and I hand drill them out).
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