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Given how much more complex the DAM mags are compared to the other ones, taking into account that they are so much cheaper than the competition, I have to assume that the price of the marker compensates for the loss in profits on the mags.

If DYE were to sell the DAM cheaper, they'd have to raise the price on the mags.

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mags are key, and these mags look just about perfect. so simple, able to run paintballs or first strikes without switching springs, a breeze to clean, straight/easy to engage, and relatively inexpensive. i'm assuming theyre substantially lighter than the milsig mags; probably somewhere in between TPX and milsig weight (milsigs weight roughly 3x the weight of a TPX mag). the trap door engagement and how the spring locks in without compressing the stack is even more of a bonus. im seriously impressed with this whole marker system. im pretty sure at some point they said a tank-in-stock option would be available, which really is the only thing i feel the DAM is currently lacking.

i still dont have $1300 to spend on a marker, but if i had the budget, i wouldnt think twice about picking one of these up.
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