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ANSGear is the BEST retailer in paintball

They ship, over 800 packages per day

People buy a factory sealed marker from ANSGear, and when it doesn't work, they blame... who?

They blame ANSGEAR!!! Not the company that built, assembled, tested and packaged the marker, they blame the retailer.

The problems with paintball products that don't work out of the box, lie in the hands of the manufacturers, not the retailer. Take that same product, and put it on the shelf of any other retails (punishers, shop4paintball, zephyr, etc) and the problem is still the same.

They include a huge "contact" sheet that tells you the customer service contacts of every single manufacturer in paintball. Also, in the manual of the products, they also tell you "Don't contact the retailer with any problems or concerns, contact the manufacturer".

If you buy an Axe from a retailer, and the Axe doesn't work out of the box, you do one of two things-

1) Call the retailer, who has no resources to fix the gun, and will charge you to fix the gun
2) Call the manufacturer, who will warranty your gun

ANSGear bought aka, they obviously have to be doing something right.

Resolution of the problem, usually lies in the intelligence of the consumer.
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