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From what I understand mike, is that they are good until you get shipped the wrong item, or wish to return something.
I honestly think it in MOST cases, it comes down to the resolution skills of the customer.

1) Call and get RMA
2) ship back product with note explaining problem

I talk to the owners of many online companies, considering they are 99% of the advertising revenue we get on TechPB, I speak to them quite often. In most of the cases you read online, they are DRAMATICALLY exaggerated in most cases.

I'm not saying ANSGear, or any online retailer is perfect. But if the same "resolution skills" that you would use when dealing with any online retailer, including Amazon, 99.99% of the time they would get resolved without any issues.

Keep in mind, we are dealing with paintball players here. Not exactly the best or easiest crowd to sell things to. I've seen issues come up over on TechPB, where I've personally called the companies for the users to see what was going on. Not once was the company 100% at fault in the escalation of the problem. Either the claim was exaggerated, or the customer was clear in how they wanted it resolved, or the customer was blatantly lying with their story online, etc.

If you have a problem with an order, follow these steps-

1) In a professional manner, contact the company and explain the situation-

"Hello, my name is Mike Phillips. I ordered a pair of JT Gloves, Order Number 345789. My receipt says I ordered a pair of XL, I received a pair of Mediums. What is the best way to resolve this? Can you issue me an RMA number, so I can mail these back and get the correct pair?"

If you go into situations with that easy going attitude, you'll never have a problem with online retailers, inside of paintball or out
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