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I live in Socal and am fortunate enough to be able to drive up to ANSgear whenever I need something. They've always given me great in-store service and have worked with me when I needed something specific and it wasn't listed on their website, although it was available in the store.

I've observed that the guys who run the store front also seem to be the guys who handle the online sales, so that might be where they could be lacking. Perhaps a dedicated online sales staff may cut down on their shipping/packing errors, but that may not be cost effective for them.

I've also been satisfied with their cocker specific components in terms of performance. Their ans 3way is comparable to my shocktech bomb or belsales hollowpoint in terms of shortness of throw and smoothness of action.

Their ans ram has been a solid performer on my cockers and is on par with my sto or eclipse rams when it comes to my mechanical cockers.

The jackhammer lpr has also been solid in terms of performance, but the knob is a bit on the fragile side.

I've owned a pre2k ANS Gen X autococker and it was a rock solid performer. Ravi Chopra reviewed it and that review can be found here.Ravi's Paintball Place - ANS Generation-X Autococker

I actually rocked the pre2k ANS Gen X cocker at the first Autocockers vs Automags game a few months ago. It saved the day when my 2k1 black magic went down with hpr issues.


I bought it because of Ravi's review and feel that he was spot on. They have great 45 slider frames.

Their components are great for autocockers in terms of price and performance if you don't want to spend big bucks on components from Belsales, Shocktech, Palmer's, etc. I have components from them as well and feel that my ans equipped cockers hold their own just fine.
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