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Originally Posted by nerdcore View Post
Any concerns about durability? Specifically, the use of composite barbs for the internal hoses. That plagued some folks when there was the single composite barb on the stock Ion 'noids, not too thrilled they continue to use them. At least it's easy to get to, and doesn't need to be accessed often. And brings costs down.
The plastic barb that screws into the body runs straight thru the 3 way and is glued in place (That's how it is on the VIBE/ENVY solenoid). You just have to becareful when you put on a new hose. I find a little spit helps.

This whole gun is just an ENVY/VIBE with a new name and new frame, for beginners and field rentals. The only thing new is a 3 way and frame other then that, it's still the same

I find using a "" blade helps with installation . You should never have to remove the 3 way unless it's leaking or needs to be replaced. Or, if you decide to convert to electro.

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