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Originally Posted by toymachine View Post
WOW! How much might you ask for making one of these for someone? What if I supplied you with the parts?

Would this be possible using a pre-99 r/f body? That would be fricken ideal, give it's huge and I love blocky 12g pumps
Sorry I missed this one on page turn-over. I wouldn't mind making another one. I was thinking that going with different models could make some things simpler, like using the banjo threads for the adapter. Having the prostock reg already threaded on both ends with a rather plain outside body really helps though. It makes cutting the adapters pretty easy. I was wondering if I could adapt the old ugly WGP reg somehow, but I haven't had one to study.

The pump handle I bored just right and I sometimes wonder how far did I push my luck on it. Another good point of Trilogy conversion is that the pro version is setup to run around 300 psi anyway (body volume and valve), but that's not a must. The ram mount on the Trilogy works to advantage as well. The delrin bushing in there anchors the rod and makes a great pump stroke. You could use brass or aluminum in there also. With a little length added to the body adapter, you could build the rod guide into it. Either adapter would also be a good area to add some length if you want it. Mine is pretty close (intentionally) but I know some people like a longer reach to the pump handle.

I would stick with the CCI changer, it works well. I only used it a few times before this and never before in a big game; I was surprised how easy it became to use. That, and the pump handle actually works as a guide when inserting the bucket.

I think most of our airsmiths could do this conversion, especially on a trilogy. The body threads weren't too bad, but it did show me that I need a t-handle for my larger taps.


Some other features you get, compared to a stock P68, are the bore drop detent and you can cock it without stroking the bolt. The cocking thing I never thought much of on my snipers, but with the shorter ammo I like to shoot a dry shot and make sure my barrel is clear before heading for the front and after fiddling around. The adjustable trigger / sear catch business is good too.
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