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Airshow Photography Tips

Any tips? I'm going to the Blue Angel's homecoming show tomorrow and this will be my first shot at an airshow.

I don't want to take more stuff than I need so I'm thinking my 7D with battery grip, 70-200 f2.8, a 70-300 f4-f5.6 just in case I need more range(still a dang nice lens), a 28-135 and then a fisheye for some group shots, and maybe my 50mm prime.

I'd rather take enough kit that I won't feel like I missed out on a shot because I didn't have the gear with me, but I also don't want to carry stuff around that I won't need.

So, I'll stop talking and just ask some more experienced shooters. What would you suggest bringing? I can easily fit all the stuff above in my kata bumblebee pack, but it can still get kinda heavy after a while.

Suggestions? Comments? Anything helps!

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