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i could always borrow a set of dovetail rails from one of my other guns, then buy an asa angle to place above it, and attach a spare duckbill on top. that would angle it the same way. the rail length and height should be enough to not need an extender. then again, those should be easy to find too. i only ended up doing it the current way to save costs and retain usage of the sights.

i also thought about hollowing out the grip frame and placing a duckbill in it so that i can have in-grip 12 grams, but that's beyond the scope of this project too, i really didn't want to permanently damage any parts unless necessary.

but now that the project is done i am free to upgrade this gun as i wish (as long as i got spare change), and i have totally forgotten about the palmer changer, i would definitely want to use that.
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