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Originally Posted by diesel_fireman2001 View Post
I know your disapointed you didn't get the job, but look at it as a good thing. Getting a job/carrer in your hobby, can cause you to loose the enjoyment and passion that you get out of the hobby. It almost happened to me. I managed a paintball store and field for several years. I played very little while I was working, and even less after I moved into a different job. It caused me to hate speedball, which I was actively playing. While I got back into woodball/scenario, it took me several years to actually want to play again.

You would most likely be working weekends as that is when people play paintball and shop for guns and gear. I don't know what kind of paintball you play or your age, but if you play speedball, most tournaments are on weekends. I am not saying don't get a job working at a paintball shop. Just be aware that playing paintball, and working in paintball are totally different. Just because you enjoy one, doesn't mean you will like doing the other.

My grandfather used to tell me that if you like working on your own car don't be a mechanic as your not going to want to come home after work and work on your own car after working on them all day.
Lots of good advice here for you that can be used to get any sort of job. The main thing is that you need a job to enjoy the things you like in life. Start somewhere and be flexible. You will be fine.
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