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Local Photo Expo

So I spent yesterday, the second day of the two, at the local PhotoExpo put on by a local camera shop. They rented out the entire smaller convention center, had one of the larger rooms set up to sell stuff, and another eight rooms set up for various seminars, including some where the photographers were pretty big wigs, and just talked about some of their experiences. It was free to the public, and they had several manufacturer reps present in the sales room to not only answer questions, but to offer deals on photo gear (I picked up a pair of Transcendence 32 GB SD cards that offer 85mbs transfer rates for $39 each). Went to a few of the seminars, and although I didn't learn alot that I didn't already know, it was definitely good to go through them. All of the seminars were repeated on each day, but some were repeated twice in the same day.

Even though it is basically a big sale thing for the local camera store, (The manufacturers that sent reps for sales probably paid almost enough for their table space to rent the entire convention hall), if you have one locally, then head out to check them out. They are pretty helpful.
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