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at Dday this year the first mini scenario I saw a kid no older than 16 being taken out by chopper, no parents no nothing.
With a field that big you gotta have a buddy system.

I had a case about a year ago where I came up on 5 kids ranging from 14-16,I took the first four out by running up on their flank, when I came over the side to the 5 kid he looks up at me and his mask is hanging around his neck. I had him dead to rights, finger on the trigger and about 1/2 a millimeter pull away from drilling one right to his face. Scared the living **** outta me.
I am friendly enough but this just pissed me off. I dropped my marker and grabbed the kids mask and shoved it on his face. I think my words were "What the fu** are you doing and get your azz off the field now." In a tone that was less than polite. He says he was "adjusting" his hat.
I went and let the field owner know, Apparently it was the 3rd time he was told that day not to take them off.
His mom appeared had some choice words and they both drove off.
Could not believe how close this kid came to losing an eye or worse and he was so nonchalant about almost getting railed.
"Lead follow or get out of the way!"
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