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I picked one up as well, just because it meets my play style and it was below dealer cost. Some times I play outlaw limited ammo games and other times i play large scenarios. This gives me an option to do both! Plus the added bonus of a speedball marker (low pressure and EYES) makes this marker even more appealing to me. Eyes are a must for magfed play and after shooting the DAM it is very easy to see why! I was able to shoot it for a little but in the backyard, it is quiet and accurate both a plus in magfed. I find taking it apart easy (easier than a phenom or TM15). I have not broken a ball yet, but had one roll out using the mags. I had a mix of paint from Valken redemption (shoots the best), Graffati, and Empire stryker (smallest paint .675) which this is the paint i had a roll out on. The other two paint is about .685-.688 and shot the best. All my paint is about 2 months old and been sitting in my office for that time. My only complaint is the 12 round mag is hard to put in and take out, the other two mags just fall out when pushing the mag release. Going to get a hold of dye and find out why.
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