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Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
CD you and I should play some time. Warning to you all though. I scan everything I can and I typically buy my figures from eBay. Game workshop is way over priced and I have chosen to cut corners whenever possible. Especially now that I have figured out how to dl torrents straight to my Samsung nexus

Look down on me if you will. But I don't care I'm not paying what they charge. If I had the ability to 3d print whole models I'd do that too
As long as you actually try to paint your models I could care less about that other stuff lol.

I got most of my 7k point necron army from eBay for practically nothing. I've spent about $700 on it.

I never buy stuff from GW. Their prices are 25% more than most other retail stores online.

My friends and I play every Sunday night.

I just finished my Overlords Pimp Mobile last night.

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