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Originally Posted by delta paintball View Post
I meant with the marker, my day job is Politics, and we all know how yesterday went, so now, needless to say, I have nothing but free time.

I spoke with GOG, the delay has been the packaging for the marker, they haven't received the plastic case, however, if you are willing to have it shipped in another box, we can get them out soon.

The shipping options are going to be UPS directly from the factory, sorry there isn't any options with that. If anyone has a issue with the marker being shipped in a different box, let me know, otherwise I'll get started on the shipping process.
Do NOT ship mine UPS. USPS only. I can pretty much guarantee you that all the other people outside of the US will say the same thing.

I will quite happily cancel my order if that is the only shipping option.

The plastic case isnt a big issue for me.
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