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Originally Posted by shadawg View Post

As far as consistency, I am not noting any variation more than +/- 2 and I am getting 30 shots per 12 gram out of mine using lelands. 30 full shots and then nothing. The reg keeps the shots full till the last one.
I don't see a need for HPA unless you can't source 12grams where you are located.

You hit a home run with this statement Shadawg. I was pleasantly surprised at the efficientcy of the SR-1. Bang, Bang.....then nothing. The regulator is that good, it was shocking! There was no drop down or degassing of the unit. The last shot has a different sound, more of a pop then completely out of gas. It's remarkable to say the least, especially for a sniper set up.

One word of advice, cock the weapon prior to 12gm swap or you will bleed the took me a few try's before I figured that out.

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