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Feyds something for everyone sale!

1st up is a Velocity hopper with a Gangstar chip or a XSV chip. I can't remember. Works great and shell is new from a year ago with the feed. Its dusty and never got used when I got the new shell. 40.00$ shipped

Next up is my load out rig. I switched to Multicam so this is a great deal. 5 pod 3 & 2 molle, grenade/keys molle bag, Drop leg molle platform and holster that has been opened up for a Duck slide. All BT stuff and the belt is the SpecOps good molle belt that they don't make anymore. Looking for 45.00$ SOLD shipped.

Next is a SOLD Carter Woosh tip with a Cocker tactical barrel and a .684 back. OK to good shape SOLD90.00$ shipped. Or I would trade for a Palmers bass barrel with porting 12"/14" .690 no widgets...

Thats it for now. Any questions shoot me a PM. Rules? I can has rulez! Feyd.........

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