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Need some help, looking for a CHEAP light marker.

So my youngest daughter started playing paintball with me at my last event. And she is a tiny little thing. A week after the game she said her arm STILL hurt from carrying around the Tippmann 98 that I had her use...

I guess putting a 20 ounce Co2 tank didn't help with the weight...

It got me to thinking, I use mechanical markers, as they are cheap and reliable. Her 98 froze up on her once while playing, (weird since it wasn't that cold) but I need to get her something CHEAP that is much lighter. (as I have to buy a bunch of other stuff, and Christmas is coming). I can always just use the 98 again, but I figured I'd let you guys school me on low cost markers that would be much lighter for her to carry.

I have some old school markers, but they are pump, and that is too complicated. I need a low cost (something I can get off craigslist) that is LIGHT and semi auto but will work well in the cold, since we play in the fall/winter/spring, I don't really like markers with batteries, as it is just one more thing to deal with... Having straps so I can put a gun strap on it would be a plus.

Any ideas? I know nothing about paintball markers, other than the Tippmann's 98, and A-5's. I see spyders often at my field, but they are always leaking in the cold, so I stay away from them. I've seen some pro carbines, but don't know if they would be any lighter than the 98 she has now?

Any help would be appreciated. I have about $40 so far that I could use for this...
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