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Best Deal on an Alien / Threshold Ever Sale

Selling these to pay for a house remodel. Trades are cool but they have to be something worth while. Not looking to downgrade.

Bring SL ego, G6r, Mac Dev . . .

Guns are priced to move. No reasonable offer refused.

Ninja Threshold

Had this reanodized to be all black. Note the ano flaws in the pics. Very minor and you would not know they were there if I went over them with a sharpie but I am honest like that!

Works flawlessly.
Comes with:
~ original box,
~ stock barrel
~ A.P.E. Rampage Board
~ 10x Rebuild Kit (few orings used)
~ Acid Customs CF trigger.
*Only one he ever made to my knowledge! Stock trigger also included.


400$ Shipped

SL Alien Independence 2012

I'll let the pictures show you how sexy this gun is! Less than a case through this precision milled piece of machinery. All the usual awesomeness of the Independence plus:

~custom milling,
~custom grips,
~weight reduction milling in frame
~Full 5 piece barrel kit (14" front .679 .682 .685 .688)
and that deep gloss anodizing (unlike the dust finish on most aliens).

~Gat Wrap
~Tadoa OLED board

Only 10 of these ever made.

700$ Shipped SOLD

Red Alien Indy 2011 Version
This would be the stock version of an independence. Also in pristine condition. Comes with:
Gat Wrap
Two Barrel backs and 14" front

Usual awesomeness here being:

4 eye compatable.Fastest sycling rate
55 psi LPR: The industry low for smoothest, quietest shot
Large 0.875 high efficiency front chambers
Integrated Feed Neck and Reg Mount: Low profile, strength and a clean look
Sweep System bolt and valve: Tighter, flatter and longer shot
Excellent weight to strength ratio: Solidly built with a comfortable, light design
Independent Ram: Modular for lowest maintenance and easiest repair
SofTouch rubber bolt inset: Will not shoot out. Shoots the most brittle paint
SMC solenoid valve: Lowest failure rate.


500$ Shipped

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