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Originally Posted by mpsd View Post
This is fantastic, thanks so much. The idea I have now is: how much for a set? Would you be willing to replicate it and sell me a set?
Hm. The main problem is that I used the last piece of tubing I had in that size to make my set. I won't be making another trip for metal stock until at least the spring (and my supplier is far enough away that I can't justify making the trip for one piece.)

I would make another set for... $25 bucks, plus shipping? It would fit in a padded envelope, so I can't imagine shipping will be much. If you're willing to wait a while, I'll make a note to buy extra metal next time I make the trip.

They're just basic, basic tools. It's all mild steel, so it will rust if you dont oil or paint it, but I just work out of my home garage so I dont have the abilities to do anything fancier than that.
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We don't do easy here! Here we do different and not done before!
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