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The big problem I've always had with the ICD guns is no easy way to clean out a jam. The guns need to be depressurized to get the bolt out.

I hate to say it but the lack of a "field stripping" ability keeps it from being "best ever". I was never impressed with the "adjustable recock" either. I always had the impression that it was making up for a flaw in the valve system.

Plus... it had issue with liquid. I liked that they made it to "work with siphons", and even recommended them in the winter. But you had to retune the gun. Just adding a siphon tank, and the gun would likely double-tap, busting a ball in the breech (see above). Likewise, switching from "liquid mode" back to gas, and you were likely to shoot-down, also busting a ball.

For certain it was well machined, and well made. Especially the early Puma guns. The Thundercats seemed a bit cheaper. But they were very expensive and not as suited for tournament play. Seemed to have no market for them. (ie high-end, rec-gun?)

Granted... I'm completely biased. Just giving my 2 cents

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