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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
The big problem I've always had with the ICD guns is no easy way to clean out a jam. The guns need to be depressurized to get the bolt out.

I hate to say it but the lack of a "field stripping" ability keeps it from being "best ever". I was never impressed with the "adjustable recock" either. I always had the impression that it was making up for a flaw in the valve system.

Plus... it had issue with liquid. I liked that they made it to "work with siphons", and even recommended them in the winter. But you had to retune the gun. Just adding a siphon tank, and the gun would likely double-tap, busting a ball in the breech (see above). Likewise, switching from "liquid mode" back to gas, and you were likely to shoot-down, also busting a ball.

For certain it was well machined, and well made. Especially the early Puma guns. The Thundercats seemed a bit cheaper. But they were very expensive and not as suited for tournament play. Seemed to have no market for them. (ie high-end, rec-gun?)

Granted... I'm completely biased. Just giving my 2 cents
Your no feild strip point is very true, but the gun's positive attributes more then make up for it. I've found the valve tuning to be flawless, I've been able to tune my cat to only recock if there was a paintball in the breach, it seldom misfeeds, it's far smoother then any other blow back I've shot, and it's valve system also makes it crazy consistant. If tuned correctly efficency is incredible too.

Just out of cursioty, what gun do you feel is the best blow back?
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