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Dual Tiberius 8.1 Setup (Compensators, 6 Mags, P3 Pack, CQB Holster)

I've got a project I'd like to finish up and need some funds, these pistols have been a lot of fun but it's time for them to move on. They have been lightly used, one of them is actually a recent purchase and has been used for only a single day of play.

This package includes:

(2) Tiberius 8.1 pistols with compensators
(6) Magazines (I will include as many first strike springs as I can find)
(1) CQB Kydex Holster with blackhawk drop leg platform and adjustable belt
(1) Spec OPS P3 Pack

I will also include some 8 round tubes if I can find where I put them, they're just cut down 10 rounds but having 2 extra balls in the tube annoyed me so I made a few 8 rounders to go in the P3.

I'm looking for $700 and I'll cover shipping, I'm also open to trade offers and will look at anything but I would prefer stock class markers.

For Sale/Trade

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