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Originally Posted by Chowser2 View Post
And I think any marker that cost 1300 dollars should be able to feed 12bps.

I Don't believe that they would increase mag cost just because they sold a marker at a lower price. The mags are plastic and don't cost very much to make.

They might have left out some features but all I want the gun to do is shoot and switch from mag to hopper seamlessly and have a nice consistent shot, I don't care about the stock or the forearm extension or Izon which I somehow broke already. The stupid back cap that guards the rail if you take off the stock is made of metal( heavy and a waste of money).

If they sold the marker for less then they would have to make the money up somewhere and that would mean increase the mag cost or lose things that costs money. There are certain costs inherent in releasing a marker like this.
I don't know what parts DYE has used from other markers etc but i imagine is still a large R&D cost for this marker.

You don't sell the razor, you sell the blade but in this case DYE did the opposite put a premium price on a premium marker so they could sell cheap mags to everyone just in case people didn't buy as many mags as they would have hoped.
I never thought/hoped a mag would feed 12 bps because if you're feeding that fast you should be using a hopper anyway.

While i agree that the marker is expensive, it still does what i had hoped a hybrid mag fed/hopper marker would do.
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