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Originally Posted by pillage View Post
For the price of the 97cu ft bottle you can buy multiple scuba tanks and fill adapters. The only real plus to the carbon fiber tank over an aluminum bottle is the lighter weight.
Im back to leaning this way. adding a two more 3200psi 80 cuft aluminum scuba tanks - bringing my total to 4.

When I get down to the last one, go fill up the other 3...and never run out.
With just 2 tanks I find myself waiting until the last one runs below 2200 to make the run.

A 97cuft 5000psi scba could/would allow for a few additional top off fills to 3000-4000psi... but that doesn't mean much for our little outlaw group... topping off to 2500 once or twice a day really isn't that big of a deal.
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